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Hello and welcome to the only site where you can properly bash your school!!!if youd like to post some of your horror stories about your teacher or post homework help well it's all yours!

************************************************************ Review the full listing of Reward - Other credit cards you can apply for through our site, along with reviews of key features, things to watch out for, and current rates.


Callie's Birthday!April 27th!Amy's birthday June 16th! (sent presents to kealing)
Abby-August 22


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I created this site so I could contact people and tell them about what I think is cool



I'm gonna add a whole bunch of stuff to this site at some point but for now I hope you enjoy whatz here.
Check out the pictures(which I take no credit for) and the writing and if you have any sugestions contact me cause i'd love to hear from anyone who has ideas for me. By the way my email adress is:
and I also have MSN messenger for those who would like to talk to me directly. I'm usually on at about 6:00 central time. Thaks so so much,

We hope to update this page often with new photos. Please be sure to sign the guestbook below and let me know what you think.

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Hi And Welcome

What's New?


If anyone has pictures of Sanrio or some really cool fractals email them to me also email me hexed dogz (for dogz 3) and codes or cheatz for an upcomming cheatz page!
Thanks and enjoy the site

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