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Hey Viewers- Welcome to the Cool Stuff page, for me to add cool stuff I'm gonna need a little help on what to add email me and help me out. For now I have a multimedia search you can use and I hope you will email me about what you think is cool and I'll add it here. Okay. By the way send me anything you would like to see on the site cause I'd be happy to add it. It's all about you guys!!
Email me!
oh and if you're wondering while theres a valentines day poll n this page it's because here we think it's valentines day a year round!(that & i don't know how to remove it)

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Email me-Please and thankyou

It's all Here

Here I'd Like to add a most embarrising moments page email me yours!!
Thanks your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ringing Liberty Bell

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