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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Hey......... Its all about Me------Ha ha ha

Who wants to help:
Calling all writers poets and people with scanners!!!
I need people who love to write or draw to send me pictures and poems for me to add to this site I'd love to get some about the hardships of life and the triumpf over email sort of thing- and artists, I cant draw at all so, I need some pictures could you send me some pics-thanks
And if you have a scanner and some material scan and send Please By the way If you have any quotes send them also if you know of a good site that I could use as a cool link send it ASAP!!!!!!!!!

A truck; Actual size=240 pixels wide


The things that I really dislike:

I do not like: People who do not like me
I do not like: Rude Bumber stickers
I do not like: Tests
I do not like: much but I thought Id add this anyway

Hey- Shout out

Is there something You want someone to know- Email it to me And I'll add it here!!!!!!!!!

BREATHE IN_I bet I just made you aware of your breathing