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Kealing Junior High!!!

This page is now devoted to activities going on at a little place called: Kealing Junior High school!!!(we all know and love it i'm sure) Amy one of the other editors is going to run the Gossip column for us which she will be updating every 3 days. Thank you Amy- We'll love to hear what you have to say.

"Theres nothing destructive to say about this school, it explains it's self"
-Amy Posted 11:45 2-13-01

"Hell is not a curse word it's a place"
-Abby Posted "" 2-13-01

The Votes are counted(and recounted) and the results are in the top three teachers of Kealing Jr. high are:
1)Ms. Hill(art)
2)Mr. Hook(Life Science)
Thanks to all who voted


Tell me what you want to see:

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