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Sunfire's lair

The heavens declare the glory of god,
and the firmanent shreweth his handywork,
Day unto day uttereth speach,
and night unto night shreweth knowledge,
Psalms, 19 1-2
This is my page- this quote- was just to get attention


Horror stories from the depth of Kealing!!Dum Dum Dum:

Have you ever wondered why your failing yet you made strait hundreds?I Know!Now unto the real story:

I turn in a major spanish project-on time. Yet fail the class.I ask my teacher why(the unnamed) i was failing.she said, i never turned in a project. I checked a pile of projects and find my own.In ink on time. And my grade rises 20 points. So the moral of this story is that you should never ever under any circumstances trust your teacher!


A horror story for a teacher....Amy Abby and Courtney....all in the same class!


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