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 One Persian Cat Short Of A Supervillian(abby) 


One Persian Cat short of a super villian. Now isn't that a lovely thought all the evil in the world way up in your dark dark scary castle and then wow-your still not a super villian thats what this page is all about- not quite being up to par. Now you see I began telling my good friend Abbigail that she was one persian cat short of a supervillian shortly after I heared a commedian use that line on SNL. Ever since then we have been expanding our usage of that phrase and it has become a rather inside joke for our close friends. Now you see we have begun a club- in which only the persian cats may join- would you like to be part of it- let us know.
Heed the dancing Aliens heed. heed. heed. They are comming to take over the world- oh dear. the dancing aliens at


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The Dancing aliens------nooooooo----ahhhhhh--they're comming!


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